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This is a collection of my original and free short stories that I have put together which I will update and add to regularly. 

Do you want to read about everyday life that gets turned on its' head? What about science fiction that's just a bit, you know, weird? This is where you can get to read unusual fiction and interesting short stories for free. Some are uplifting and some of them are just funny. Let me know what you think...


Funny short story about alien contact
free science fiction that is weird

A funny short story about alien contact

A science fiction story that's just a bit weird!

The inglorious Waagu of Stert

Another unusual short story

The Fusion - Part One

An uplifting and funny short story

Free short story. Uplifting short story. Funny short story.


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A weird science fiction short story

Unusual short story. Original and free short story.


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Part two of the story

Part two of an unusual story

The Fusion Part Two

Bird Cage

Out of the race

This is a true short story

Shadow lurk everywhere


A short story by Nick MacIneskar

Skip-Diving Made Easy

Part One



Image by Jeremy Thomas

Skip Diving Made Easy

Part Two

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