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'Science fiction that's actually funny'.

Do you love books with action and adventure? Well, VITA may be what you are looking for. It begins in the heart of the action when a young man's shuttle crashes in a remote area of an already remote planet. But that's just the start of his troubles...

Jools Allan thinks he's just a normal 17 year-old but as the story unfolds he finds himself drawn ever further into mystery and suspense, mostly against his better judgement.

If you like books about science fiction with a large dollop of humour, why not have a look at my book VITA?

It wasn't easy being the only human on the planet, but it did at least keep him busy.


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In VITA you will meet Jools, the young man whose comfortable world is turned upside down after his shuttle crashes on the remote planet of Novus. In attempting to get back to civilisation he is forced to confront mystery and suspense, a huge amount of adventure (which he would prefer to do without!) and action of the kind that is really quite exhausting.

If you want to read what life on another planet is really like, you need to read VITA.


In this, the second book, Jools is looking to his future as de-facto leader of the townships: But it's not all plain sailing. Now that the Allan dynasty has entered a new phase, the young man is finding that it is hard to please everyone all of the time.  And there are other problems too. A long-awaited freighter delivery is approaching Novus and its Captain is after more than a quick sale.

Action and adventure return with a vengeance in this tale about ordinary folk on another planet.


In PROELIUM, Jools brought the townships together to confront a major threat to their little world but although the battle is over, the young man has become the brunt of a savage revenge. In his defeat, Captain Cronus has not only left a trail of destruction on Novus but also taken the opportunity to strand Jools far from help.

Just when you thought life on another planet couldn't get any worse, it suddenly does...

With more mystery and suspense than is healthy for anyone, funny science fiction returns with SOLUM.


Despite many setbacks, Jools feels he is on a winning streak. He has escaped his life on another planet where he was left to fend for himself and is on the way home. But Novus is not the planet it was. In his absence, huge changes have occurred. The co-operatives have disbanded; there is vast destruction being wrought on the the once beautiful Southern territory and his friend Butler is missing, presumed, er, missing...

Now no stranger to mysterious events, Jools finds himself back in the heart of the action, where science fiction meets humour head on!

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