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  • Nick MacIneskar

West Coast Motors

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

I rarely, if ever, have to catch a bus but just recently my car broke down again, probably in objection to not having been cleaned for a while, and being out here in the sticks I was quite desperate to get some essentials in, like food.

So it was with some trepidation that I boarded one of the local and quite infrequent wee buses in my area along with two elderly gentlemen and a small dog. But the driver seemed friendly enough and I settled back to watch the scenery.

Not, however, for very long.

You will hopefully have previously read one of my posts about using single track roads. They are picturesque and cover some of the most scenic routes in Scotland, and whilst they are narrow they have an abundance of passing places. Our little bus had not quite left the village limits before we met our first oncoming car.

I can't possibly go backwards!

Now if most people see a red and white bus coming towards them when there is no room to get past, they will at least stop.

No, not this gentleman and his lady companion ! Their car kept inching forward, past the nearest passing place, as if this annoying bus would magically disappear.

We were at an impasse and I waited for our driver to reach out of his window and at the very least shout at the idiot blocking our way before preferably nudging his car into the loch.

But he didn't do any of these things; instead he did what many of us have to do on single - track roads and drive backwards - for about 100 meters - until the oncoming driver reached the next passing bay. And although the bus wasn't huge, it is still a feat of driving to get one of these things reversed around a tight bend.

The skill of this particular driver at negotiating tricky and narrow roads was quite astounding, because at times I swear we were passing objects (like houses) with about a centimetre of room to spare on either side. They are that good.

So please, dear visitors, if you happen to come across a wee red and white bus whilst you are admiring our gorgeous scenery please do help the driver out and reverse your car into a passing place !

Thank you.

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